Montgomery Botanical Garden at Oak Park

 Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park

The Montgomery Botanical Gardens at Oak Park is our largest CCMGA Project. Volunteers are needed and welcome to help with a variety of functions as the gardens are designed, developed and maintained.

Volunteer Opportunities
Now that the irrigation system is in place for the Southern Garden, the next steps in the development of our Montgomery Botanical Gardens (MBG) will begin soon. The commitment of many volunteers will be needed to help with numerous tasks, including preparation for planting, installation and maintenance of plantings and hardscape, development and delivery of educational materials, special events, fundraising and much more. So there is room for anyone who supports the gardens to contribute to its success, even if you do not have gardening skills or knowledge.

Please visit the Montgomery Botanical Garden website or Facebook page to learn more about the progress being made, volunteer opportunities, to become a MBG member and to donate/sponsor plants and garden

Montgomery Botanical Gardens Website Link:   MBG Website

Montgomery Botanical Gardens Facebook Page Link:   MBG Facebook Page




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